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this is my site. my home, if you will. if you've been here before, you might be surprised at how much the look of everything has changed. i've grown to not really like how my previous site looked so i just. rewrote everything from scratch lol. if you're here after the Great Site Renovation and want to see what version 1.0 looked like i might maybe link a zip folder with all the old files here at some point. ideally i'd host them on neocities but that would be like hosting two sites at once and i only got 1 gb to work with here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

here you will find whatever i'm willing to share. art, my thoughts, cool blinkies etc etc. i hope you look around the place and find something you like :]

if you want to share this site, here's my button!!

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if you want to leave a message, i have a guestbook :D GUESTBOOK UNAVAILABLE UNTIL I FIND A REPLACEMENT LOL